Views of a cold city – a giveaway



Scott Monument through muslin netting


Edinburgh from the University health centre


A cold blue-dark, a glittering, hazed transformation of black stone. A stalled whirlwind, a battered roof, snow in the distance.


I’ve decided to hold another giveaway here, to mark the ending of 2012 and the promise of a new year. You might remember the giveaway I held at the beginning of this year which was for a booklet of pictures and some other goodies from Scotland. For this giveaway I’d like to set you a challenge:


I’m asking for the best photograph on the theme of PLACE.


A sense of place as obsession

as identity

as an extension of the body

as something to react against

as mood altering vision, as sense memory, as psychogeography


This could be your neighbourhood, your favourite chair (as we saw in the Share Your Spaces posts earlier this year), a mountain or a wood you love exploring, the texture of stone, a tattoo, the interior of a bookshop you frequently haunt – anything that speaks to you on that broad theme. Feel free to write a short explanation of how this image is meaningful to you.


The winning picture will be posted here, with links to the winner’s blog if they have one.


The winner will receive a small framed print of their choosing from any of my photos posted on this blog  – I have taken a lot this year, so hopefully there’s one that takes your fancy. Have a look through the archives! It’ ll also probably reveal a bit about my aesthetic biases.


AND ALSO a book from my creaking shelves – this will be a secret, but I have a lot of good reads to choose from and will pick based on what I think you (the winner) would like. Now, I’d love to be able to give away my own novel at this point, but since it’s not published yet, that will have to wait. One day, I hope.


FURTHER GOODIES will be picked up from the fine City of Edinburgh as the mood takes me. Here’s what I sent Artboy68 when he won.


Send your photo entries on PLACE to: wheresthebread[@] by the 31st of December. Please forward this to any friends who might be interested in taking part.


I look forward to seeing what you come up with.




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6 responses to “Views of a cold city – a giveaway

  1. how fun! what a great topic, too, for a photograph contest. I’ll soon be posting the details..

    • Thank you so much for doing this! I really look forward to seeing all the entries – if you’d like to submit I’d love to see your ‘place’/

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