sunlight in the dark


Mayhem & Death

On the Edges of Vision

Flesh of the Peach

The Goldblum Variations


Latest pieces:

Hobart – After All Disintegrating as an Active Mode

Split Lip Magazine – An Apocalypse in Seven Stages

Wigleaf – White Rain

Spelk – You’ll Meet Me There

Vol. 1 Brooklyn – The Leonard Cohen Waltzing Society for Half-drunk Fuckwits

Occulum – The Farm at the World’s End

Minor Literatures – A Quiet, Important Thing

Fictive Dream – It Seemed Impossible It Could Ever Begin


Pieces from Mayhem Death, my second collection (March 2018) –

Books from Scotland – ‘The Inciting Incident’

Joyland – ‘Souterrain’

The Wild Hunt – ‘Stick to Me, Peel From Me’

Denver Quarterly 5.4 – ‘I was at last a romantic comedy about corruption and decay’ [print]

Gutter No. 15 – ‘The Beautiful Birds of the Aftermath’ [print]

Gorse No. 5 – ‘Triptych’ [print]

Southword – ‘Automaton Town’

The Wild Hunt – ‘Lore’

Blunderbuss – ‘Flash Fictions for the Weary Traveller’

Monkeybicycle – ‘A Coven of Two’

Wigleaf – ‘The Companion’

Winter Tangerine – ‘The Language of Heaven’

Visual Verse (lead piece) – ‘This Land’

The Bohemyth – ‘What Can Be Endured May Yet Be Unbearable’

Barrelhouse – ‘Overwinternight’

Queen Mob’s Teahouse – ‘Six Places Where You Have Spoken‘ – poem


An excerpt from the currently unnamed literary fantasy/surreal novel I’m working on now:

3:AM Magazine – ‘A Formidable Etiquette’


Excerpts from my debut novel Flesh of the Peach (published 2017):


Necessary Fiction – ‘Goose’

Sundog Lit – ‘What she would spend her money on’

3:AM Magazine – ‘Tennessee Stop’


Some shorter pieces from my debut collection On The Edges of Vision (published 2015, winner of the Saltire First Book Award, to be republished March 2018 by 404 Ink), can be found in these places:

I read ‘Encounter with a Small Witch‘ for Story Shop 2015  [AUDIO]

Litro: ‘tw:gore’

Vol. 1 Brooklyn – ‘PINK GLITTER’

Wyvern Lit – ‘The Mistress of the House on the Machair‘ [Nominated for a Pushcart]

Cobalt – ‘To String’ [Nominated for a Pushcart]

Synaesthesia Magazine – ‘Chrysanthemums’

Corium Magazine – ‘Limber’

decomP – ‘No One’s Gonna Take My Soul Away’

FlashFlood – ‘The Drowned Sailors’

Literary Orphans – ‘Coral-Red’

The HU – ‘Ipseity’

Necessary Fiction – ‘Present’

theNewerYork – ‘Flat’

Smokelong – ‘Boy Cyclops’

The Toast – ‘Pretty Dead Girl Takes a Break’



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