sunlight in the dark


Pieces from Mayhem and Death, my second flash fiction collection  –

Gutter No. 15 – ‘The Beautiful Birds of the Aftermath’ [print]

Gorse No. 5 – ‘Triptych’ [print]

Southword – ‘Automaton Town’

The Wild Hunt – ‘Lore’

Blunderbuss – ‘Flash Fictions for the Weary Traveller’

Monkeybicycle – ‘A Coven of Two’

Wigleaf – ‘The Companion’

Winter Tangerine – ‘The Language of Heaven’

Visual Verse (lead piece) – ‘This Land’

The Bohemyth – ‘What Can Be Endured May Yet Be Unbearable’

Barrelhouse – ‘Overwinternight’

Queen Mob’s Teahouse – ‘Six Places Where You Have Spoken‘ – poem


An excerpt from Villain Miriam, a flash novella of sorts and the current work in progress:

3:AM Magazine – ‘A Formidable Etiquette’


Excerpts from my debut novel Flesh of the Peach (forthcoming from Freight, 2017):


Necessary Fiction – ‘Goose’

Sundog Lit – ‘What she would spend her money on’

3:AM Magazine – ‘Tennessee Stop’


Some shorter pieces from my debut collection On The Edges of Vision [available here], can be found in these places:

I read ‘Encounter with a Small Witch‘ for Story Shop 2015  [AUDIO]

Litro: ‘tw:gore’

Vol. 1 Brooklyn – ‘PINK GLITTER’

Wyvern Lit – ‘The Mistress of the House on the Machair‘ [Nominated for a Pushcart]

Cobalt – ‘To String’ [Nominated for a Pushcart]

Synaesthesia Magazine – ‘Chrysanthemums’

Corium Magazine – ‘Limber’

decomP – ‘No One’s Gonna Take My Soul Away’

FlashFlood – ‘The Drowned Sailors’

Literary Orphans – ‘Coral-Red’

The HU – ‘Ipseity’

Necessary Fiction – ‘Present’

theNewerYork – ‘Flat’

Smokelong – ‘Boy Cyclops’

The Toast – ‘Pretty Dead Girl Takes a Break’


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