On the Edges of Vision longlisted for the Saboteur Awards

Some nice news this morning – On the Edges of Vision has been longlisted in the best short story collection category, alongside others such as Janice Galloway’s Jellyfish, Joanna Walsh’s Vertigo and Helen Oyeyemi’s What is not Yours is not Yours.

On the shortlist is Lara William’s Treats, which I read and thought was excellent, as well as Dinosaurs on Other Planets by Danielle McLaughlin, which is high on my tbr – you can see the full lists and vote for your favourites to win here.


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“The Romantic Comedy” and “The Expectation of a Job Well Done” on Blunderbuss

Two flash pieces to share today, from my work-in-progress collection Mayhem & Death:

from the first piece:


Music swells and the branches of the trees catch at your veil, and you are every heroine of romance, ripping loose her stitches to get out of the picture. Into the open field. No more compulsive acquiescence. No more smiling on cue.


and from the second:


A curious state of affairs, Ausweiger thought as the men drove him through the desert towards their destination.


Read them both here, if you like.

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A Coven of Two on Monkeybicycle

More good news – one of the stories from flash fiction collection in progress Mayhem and Death has been published on Monkeybicycle:


The moon has a halo around it, which means a curse. Isn’t it too indulgent to be sisters, to be cursed. Well, it just so happens. Indulgence is in our blood.

Read More…

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Exciting News (Part Two)

I know it’s coming on April Fools Day, but we’re after noon here in Scotland, so I’ll go ahead:


You may have seen that my book Flesh of the Peach is due out with CCM in October of this year – well, things have changed quite dramatically:


It’s now, instead coming out with Freight in about a year.


The decision to go with Freight, a brilliant rising press based in Scotland, means that among many other benefits, when the book is out, it will be far easier for readers (and bookshops) to find copies. I’m really thrilled at this, and at a chance to work with the team at Freight.


I’ll keep you up to date on any other developments with Flesh of the Peach and with my other exciting news.

Now tea, and working on the new witchy book and thinking of projects ahead…


UPDATE: Here’s a short piece on The Bookseller about this!

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Exciting News (Part One)

It’s been very quiet here – a long, tough winter. Finally we’ve passed the first day of Spring, and light and warmth is slowly coming back, like feeling to a foot that’s fallen asleep. With the change in the season comes two pieces of good news, the first of which I can share here:


I am now represented by Jenny Brown, literary agent extraordinaire! And I’m extraordinarily lucky.


The other piece of good news will have to wait a little longer. It’s bookish too.


Meanwhile: a little more quiet working in the background. Edits and waiting for the first adventures of the year. I hope soon to have pictures of the outside world. I think the blog has been a little sparse without them.

Wishing you all a fine spring (or autumn) day, wherever you are in the world.

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‘The Companion’ on Wigleaf

I’m thrilled to say that a new story from the collection-in-progress Mayhem and Death is now up on Wigleaf! True to the name of the collection, there is both in it.


Going back was the easiest option, and Eloise was no fool. But. She continued, and walked the days. For the next four nights the polar bear circled her golden tent.

Read more…

You can also read my postcard to Wigleaf on the main site.

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Work forthcoming in Gorse No. 5

I’m thrilled to tell you that my flash piece(s) ‘Triptych’ will be appearing in the next edition of Gorse Journal. Gorse is home to all manner of intellectual discourse and experimentation, beautifully bound and hefty –  200 pages of the good stuff.

You can pre-order a copy from their website here

(and clicking on the link will take you a tempting list of pieces foretold).  I can’t wait to read all of it myself, though I imagine it will take me many days to get through it all, and lots will reverberate around my brain for long after that.


My piece(s) under the heading are split (naturally enough) into three: ‘Nostalgia Tremens’, ‘Ritual Stitches, Good Red Wounds’ and ‘Museum Piece’, and each is about some dangerous woman, and all come from the collection-in-progress currently titled Mayhem and Death. Just to give you an idea of the flavour of them. I hope you’ll pick it up, either by ordering, or a little later this month, find Gorse No. 5 in one of the shops which stocks the journal (Shakespeare & Company in Paris is one such place –  ah, my heart. Lucky you if you get to browse there).


I have some big news coming shortly, related to Flesh of the Peach – but not quite yet. More soon (I must clamp my hand on my mouth for just a little longer)

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