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You are all amazing and supportive people, and you – you! Are making my book tour happen! I can’t even find the words. I suppose it comes down to the fact that there are only two that matter – thank you. Thanks too are due to the various people who prefer to remain anonymous in their donations. If you’d like me to link your name to a blog or website, let me know and I’ll be happy to! If you’d rather your name not appear here, no problem, I will remove it. Some of you I will be able to thank in person. Others I will be writing you a small note. Thank you thank you, and again – a thousand thank yous.


For those of you who don’t know, this blog will go mostly quiet for the next two weeks as I transfer over to a password-protected secret tour blog, given to donors just a while ago. I’ll be back eventually with some photos, but that’s where the action will be for now. I’d love to hear messages of support from readers, so please get in touch here or via Twitter.


Now off to pack!

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Glasgow Launch of On the Edges of Vision




Yesterday was the launch of On the Edges of Vision at Waterstones Argyle Street in Glasgow. Kirsty Logan (author among other excellent works the brand new A Portable Shelter )was an excellent interviewer, with thoughtful and probing questions on the influence of Scotland on my writing, on monsters, flash fiction- and trash telly. I’d like to thank her, everyone who came along, and of course huge huge thanks to Caron and the rest of the staff at Waterstones for ensuring that everything ran so smoothly. What an absolute delight of an evening!










My book in some pretty great company on the first floor – if you are stopping by the Waterstones in Argyle Street, why not pop in and say hallo!


[All photo credits go to D, who also took the pictures at Story Shop]

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Story Shop at the Edinburgh International Book Festival










What a beautiful venue the Spiegeltent is! Huge huge thanks to Esther and Eleanor at Story Shop for their support and excellence.

You can watch the whole thing here if you like!


ps – another 16 performers will be on for Story Shop. Take a look at the lineup here!

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Interview on SparkLife

I’m sitting in my flat having breakfast, and trying not to overthink what will be happening in the afternoon – my reading at Story Shop, at the Edinburgh Book Festival. For now, drinking tea, and a minty lemonade thing for my throat.


Yesterday, an interview with me went up on teen book community SparkLife – you can read it here!


In other, massive news, my Kickstarter project was funded 110% and I will be doing a big thank you post here in the next few days.  You can see the new landing page for the Kickstarter here – and follow along if you’d like updates on the project (small ones – the main tour updates will happen on a separate blog I’ll set up shortly!)


On the Edges of Vision comes out on the 18th. Three days time. If you have a Goodreads account, and if you’d like, you can add it by clicking the little beige button on the top right of this post. It’s still available for pre-order here for only $14.95 and free US shipping, if you want to get it early.


Everything is so business-like – I honestly can’t wait until I get back to posting photos and stories of happenings. That’s soon. Maybe I’ll have some nice pics from the Thursday launch of the collection. Still time to invite yourself here (if you can make it to Glasgow!).


And four days after that, I’m off, US bound, with the generosity of the donors helping me all the way.


For now: sugary drinks. Looking at the passage of the hours. Waiting until I get on that stage to kick off these next amazing few weeks.

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‘A Formidable Etiquette’ on 3:AM Magazine

A short extract from a flash novella I’m currently working on  (titled Villain Miriam, for the moment)  is up on 3:AM Magazine today:


A woman in grey, a woman, yes. Necklace of teeth on a red chain, the suggestion of a chignon at the back of her neck. How old she was it was impossible to say – her face was like something made by a painter tired of holding the brush. But there was a terrible steadiness behind. Behind Miriam’s glasses, the eyes like cracked opals. And on the table the spoon gleamed too bright for the ambient lighting, and Aophe would not tremble.

Read More…


I love the Leonora Carrington piece that accompanies it too.

Tonight I see Anne Carson’s translation of Antigone, starring Juliet Binoche.

Tomorrow I read at the Edinburgh Book Festival.

So much, so much.


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Listen, listen –

The previews of the Story Shop readers (including myself!) are up live now. Put on the kettle, sit back, and enjoy, here. My reading is a flash fiction in full from On the Edges of Vision, entitled ‘Encounter with a Small Witch‘.


I’ll be reading this Saturday in the famous Spiegeltent, at 4pm.


The book will be launched at Waterstones Argyle Street, Glasgow, on the 20th, and you are (if you have not read this already) very welcome to come and celebrate.


As to the tour, the Kickstarter for this is coming to a close, and is the featured project on the site’s publishing section. For even more audio and this time visual sights of me, there’s a video explaining what your donations will give.


Until Saturday, I’ll be practising to an empty room, looking out on cloudy summer skies. Wish me luck – and I hope some of you will be able to listen, if not attend on the day.


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On the Edges of Vision Book Launch!






I’m thrilled to announce the launch of On the Edges of Vision will take place on the 20th of August at 7pm in Waterstones Argyle Street, Glasgow. Here’s the public Facebook event page – feel free to add yourself if you can make it! There will be stories from the book, and chat with Kirsty Logan, author of The Rental Heart and Other Fairytales and The Gracekeepers, and plenty of free wine and nibbles. Copies of the book will also be available. I hope to see some of you there!


I’m also reading at Story Shop at the Edinburgh International Book Festival – at a free event on the 15th of August, 4pm in the Speigeltent (that’s the famously atmospheric wood-and-stained-glass tent). Copies of the book will also be on sale in the onsite bookshop, where I will be milling around after the event, probably contemplating spending too much money altogether on books.


More news – Vol. 1 Brooklyn lists On the Edges of Vision in its August preview. I’m honoured to be in excellent company there, so have a look (always the siren song of books).


Almost had enough of puffing myself up, but one final thing – the Kickstarter has eleven days to go, and if you’d like to get access to the tour blog, you can donate just £1 and I’ll send you the password once it’s live. It’s a little special I’m running, mostly in order to share the blog with more people, somewhat to do with the amount of coffee I may need  to furnish my days while on tour.


Thank you for all the support and good wishes and donations. August is set to be a busy, head-spinning month. All my best, and hope to keep you updated without flooding you with too much of myself (and not enough pictures of wildness and waves and so on)

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