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Interview on Vol 1. Brooklyn

I was asked some great wranglesome questions by Tobias Carroll about On the Edges of Vision, realism, place and the current state of Scottish literature:


How did the particular group of stories that make up On the Edges of Vision come together? What was the process of ordering them like?

I had two stories, ‘Pretty Dead Girl Takes a Break’ and ‘Boy Cyclops’ that were a bit older, and I think the impetus behind them was something that my subconscious needed time to gnaw on a while. I wrote most of the rest of the stories in a month and a half, pushed on by the sudden realisation that I really wanted to write about monsters, and monstrous humanity. The various shifting and unsettle selves we carry or let rattle around in these strange things, our bodies.

Ordering was based around looking to compliment themes and styles – if one story was first person, it should go next to third. If the story was of corpses or reanimated bodies, I wanted its neighbour to be full of life. It was pretty intuitive that way. Stick each down like a coloured scrap of paper, where it feels like it will look best.

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‘Shadows’ – the page 69 test

The page 69 test is a fascinating feature run by The Next Best Book Blog, described there as ‘asking authors to compare page 69 against the meat of the actual story it is a part of.’


Today, page 69 of On the Edges of Vision is very kindly excerpted there, with a mini-interview with me about how it fits into the wider themes of the collection.


Curious? Click here.

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The On the Edges of Vision Book Tour Kickstarter makes it to target!!

With 21 days to go, the Kickstarter set up to defray costs for touring with On the Edges of Vision has passed the goal line, meaning that whatever else happens, I can be safe in knowing that the tour is funded. Donations and perks remain open, and all pledges given after this point will go straight towards touring either in the US or in the UK.

I can’t express how pleased and how immensely grateful I am to everyone who has donated and spread the word. Thanks to T, who encouraged me to take the risk, and to M, who gave great advice. Pretty sure you know who you are. I look forward to sending out perks, and to seeing people in Boston, Philadelphia, DC, Atlanta and New York (and perhaps other points in between) !

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A life of plans and updates



The last week has been a flurry of emails. ticket buying and thanks.  Details are settling into place for the tour readings (I leave in exactly a month!) . Buses, planes. More to go on these. Working out how exactly to lug the giant suitcase full of books from one side of Manhattan to another (or how to circumvent this process).  Working with bookshops and bookish folk. It’s been a dream. A chaotic one that is full of richness and bafflement and good fortune. In just under a month’s time I’ll set up the special tour blog, password protected for those who’ve donated just a wee bit to the Kickstarter (£5 and over to be exact) and this blog will go a wee bit quiet after that point on. But until then, this is the place. The hub of my fizzing brain and dates and fuzzy photos of my book.


If you’d like to get in on things, the kickstarter is 92% funded, and I would love your help. No one, as yet, has decided they’d like to go for the special Mountain Stone Perk. I really want the excuse to climb a mountain this Autumn and put a stone up there. Think about it perhaps? Or I’ll just have to get my boots on for my own enjoyment.

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On the Edges of Vision goes on Presale



If you’d like a copy, it’s just $14.95 with free US shipping direct from the publishers

support a great small press!

have my book in your possession!

If you’d like read some of the stories from the collection, they have been published in a few places online, and I’ve put them on my Fiction page to make these easy to find.

If you’d like to help out with the Kickstarter for On the Edges of Vision’s book tour, it’s 80% funded and in need of a boost.

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On the Edges of Vision arrives in Edinburgh



Utterly thrilled to hold my first ever book in my actual hand! The book itself has mysterious qualities – luminous, highlighter yellow in real life, it turns a softer yellow on camera. On the inside it has beautiful fonts and a charming layout and basically everything possible has gone right in its creation and I am so grateful to Queen’s Ferry Press for everything. Here’s hoping the stories inside will connect with you. On the Edges of Vision will be available for pre-release this Tuesday. If you still haven’t heard, I’m running a Kickstarter to help with the costs of the US book tour (click through to watch the video / donate what you can). Kickstarter have very kindly made the campaign a staff pick!

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Day One


That’s all I can really say. Flabbergasted. Delighted. The Kickstarter for the On the Edges of Vision book tour has gone off to a firecracker of a start, in ONE DAY reaching 62% of funding.  Thank you to all who have donated or linked so far. You have been amazing, from the smallest amount to the highest, everything helps get the tour on the road properly – here is a post I wrote for the Queen’s Ferry Press blog on the subject. Any and all money that I make over and above the £1000 goal goes straight into touring, which I hope to do next around the UK.


You are all wonderful.


For those of you who’d like to donate, head here and watch the little video explaining things.



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