Pushcart nomination!

A story from On The Edges Of Vision has been nominated for the 2016 Pushcart Prize!

‘The Mistress of the House on the Machair” appeared in Wyvern Lit’s Haunted issue. You can read it here.


A black line along the floor where the rolling pin fell and cracked the tiles. The servant boy stares at it awhile, breathless. Behind him, the breathing, curtained windows look out on the endless sandy meadow of buttercups and daisies, the phenomenon known as the machair. The servant boy in his smurched apron washes his hands but does not pick up the rolling pin to place it somewhere safe. He abhors its slippage. Why had he been holding it anyway? There’s no pastry needing rolling. Bread’s in the airing cupboard. Her ladyship the ghost isn’t conscious this early. The hearth, as it has to be, is dusted. Everything beyond that is yellow-white machair and a strange, echoing pain ringing about his heart.


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Also nominated by Wyvern Lit and for your perusal –






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2 responses to “Pushcart nomination!

  1. Super, Helen! You’re on fire. It’s been bookmarked for late enjoyment.

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