The Plant – a short film for the 48 hour film project

This is what A, J and I (with long-distance help and support from D) made for the contest we entered this weekend:

The story: A deep cover spy grows weary of her post in an unimportant Scottish town. On the day she finally receives her orders – will she be up to the job?

For every 48 hour film project, participants are given:

A character: in this case ‘Ray or Ramona Lewis, a captain’

A prop: ‘a map’

A line of dialogue: ‘This is our little secret’.

Each film team then blindly picks a genre. Ours was ‘Film de Femme’ – a film featuring a prominent female lead. Handily I was on the team and happy to be silly for the chance to make the audience smile and for A to hopefully win a trip to LA (not so likely, given the excellent competition includes Team LifeUp! who won last year with this comic gem.)

We’ll find out in a few days!



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5 responses to “The Plant – a short film for the 48 hour film project

  1. nzumel

    Fun! 🙂

  2. HYSTERICAL, Helen. You are a woman of many talents. The line about dogs cracked me up. Love the fiddle over the fight sequence.

  3. What a treat! Helen, you are a sultry and feisty Ramona. The fight scene is great, very funny stuff!

    Sorry about Trotsky…

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