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‘This Land’ up on Visual Verse

For the new month I was commissioned by Visual Verse‘s editor Eley Williams to write a piece in response to the site’s prompt – Grant Wood’s famous painting American Gothic – very suitable subject matter for me, given my writing.


Here’s a taste:


This land’s so full of spikes like you wouldn’t believe. Saul broke earth this spring early and found rows of them, growing like dragons’ teeth under the thin soil.

“Come out, Alice,” he yelled. “See this.”

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There are stories and poems by other commissioned writers, and the opportunity to submit your own work. You have to write your piece in an hour.  Each picture stays up the month long, but as this is a short one (albeit with that leap year day clipped on as a bonus), you only have another 28 days to crack your fingers and get to it.


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‘This Place is Mine’ on Visual Verse

Visual Verse is a journal with a wonderful premise – every edition, they post a picture as a writing prompt, always something rich with possibility. They publish every story that comes in, and share links on social media with a snippet of insight. I highly recommend going to check them out and perhaps write your own response – it’s a great way of overcoming a block.


This is the first time I’ve written anything for them, and I’m pretty happy with the piece. It really does focus the attention, to write in the submission box, to know it will go up. You can find the story here. See links at the top on how to submit and where to read other pieces on the site.


The Goodreads giveaway for On the Edges of Vision is going strong – currently standing at 320 entries and open until Wednesday. And it is touching to see people adding my book to their want-to-read list – I hope that some of those will go seek the book out if they do not win. To have your words shared and read is to have them come to life. It’s wonderful to see that happening, and to be a part of it myself as a reader (I’m thinking ahead to a best reads of the year list, which I might do come late December).

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