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The Unsung Letter No. 28

This week Carrie Lorig brings us a poetic, form-shifting take on a poetic, strange, politically-engaged book made to be ephemeral:


What do we do with the book that appears and exists differently? That screams as it crumbles.


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The Unsung Letter No. 18

A recommendation this week of something a little different – a long poem in translation, brought to our attention by Ariell Cacciola:


It is a poem that hungrily gnaws on the antithetical senses of despair and sly humor. I couldn’t hazard a guess how many times I’ve read it (both the original and the translation) and I argue that you don’t even need to know the original German to understand the ricochet of language and anguish, the rubbery sense of voice that tugs the reader back and forth. I was lucky enough to have seen excerpts read publicly by both poet and translator, hearing the sound of each word and the relation to the next and then some.


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