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An Interior Mood

figure moving through a door

Thinking today of: inner spaces, dim lighting, blurring motion.

Inside the National Museum of Scotland

Of golden light, the hum of voices, or silence bound within walls, bound from an exterior that extends into unfathomed space.

Sign in the Subway, NYC

Of what constitutes interior space, of the void between the character and the fictional world, the reader and the character. How to measure and chart this distance.

Plant in the window of our flat

Also asking, how to write solitude, without making the character static. How to use both the silence and the chittering of thoughts to good effect. That and making up a music the character listens to, shoring herself against sorrow, or feeling at all. But further –

D with a sparkler

how to bring the warmth of living into such a text, to entrance, to transmit, to speak of the fleeting and the enduring. Getting the measure right.



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