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Home After


This is me being excessively chuffed by the display put up in Avid Books, Athens GA.

I’m back from the tour and at home after two weeks of travelling from Boston to Philadelphia to South Jersey to Athens to Atlanta to DC to New York City. I can’t even begin to say how fantastic the whole experience was. I read in four bookshops (Avid, Charis Books, Kramerbooks and WORD Brooklyn), one bar (the Tattooed Mom) and was on two podcasts (Mr Bear’s Violet Hour Saloon and Book Fight – listen there if you like). I stayed with four friends and four in-laws and at two hotels – one bohemian and dark, the a other gratefully received pristine airport suite. I saw The Son of the Tree That Owns Itself and Athens Botanical Gardens. I walked part of the Freedom Trail in Boston. I wandered in Philadelphia’s Magic Garden through a labyrinth of mosaics of glass and bike wheels. I crossed Harvard Yard, I sat on the familiar dirty grass in Union Square. I drank periodistas, and half a dozen iced coffees and a rosemary-grapefruit infusion thing which was a very bad idea and restorative smoothies and orange juice and all the water I could. I ate a lot of cold food on the go. I sweated. I put on a sheet mask. I nattered with writers, I clapped dogs, I wandered around by myself, I got shown the sights. I read aloud, I listened to others reading. I bought entirely too many books by those writers and more.

I am lucky. I am a big red heart.

Thank you to everyone who donated to the Kickstarter, who reached out, who listened, who housed me, who read or is reading or has picked up my book. To Queen’s Ferry Press for everything.

You can read the archived posts from my special tour blog here.

And now? Some more writing (at last).

And a UK tour to organise.

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Stories read by Mr Bear

kirkyard blooms

blooms in a kirkyard.



Mr Bear’s Violet Hour Saloon is a weekly radio show and podcast of poems, stories, interviews and thematically-tied songs, and this week, I’m overjoyed to say that some of my work is featured, in an episode called ‘Quiet Hauntings’.


If you have an hour free, if you want to take an hour for my flash fiction read in the dulcet tones of Mr Bear, accompanied by wonderful ghostly and fierce songs, your destination is here.


(I heartily recommend the archive if you haven’t explored before. Many wonderful things there (in particular I love last week’s episode, which is a perfumed, essayistic delight.)


The stories will be in On The Edges of Vision, released in August.

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