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On the move

D and I have found a flat by The Meadows and are moving, all of a sudden, today and tomorrow. Posting will be light on Saturday, definitely, as we try to knock things into order, plump cushions, hang pictures and assemble a bookcase (this new flat is furnished, but has no bookcase. It’s practically naked!) By the way, the above is most certainly not our doorway, though I imagine behind it lie stairs to the most beautiful, light-drenched, bohemian flats, high-ceilinged, jungled with aspidistras and banana and flowering cactus.


A small reminder about the Thresholds project – Some lovely people have already come forward and I’m excited to see what they send. If anyone further is interested in contributing, please reach out. I am often too shy to approach directly, even if I love your writing.┬áMy email is: wheresthebread[at]hotmail.com.


See you on the flip side, with pictures of around and about the neuks of this fresh part of the city, when internet connectivity allows.


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