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Podcast – at the EIBF 2017


In August I appeared at the Edinburgh International Book Festival alongside Meena Kandasamy – we spoke about Flesh of the Peach, When I Hit You, violence, womanhood, identity, feminism in the west and in India – and had some brilliant questions from the chair, Lee Randall, and the audience.  If you didn’t get the chance to attend, or just fancy listening again, you can now hear it here (on itunes) or here (on the main EIBF site)


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The Day After

(credit to the Edinburgh International Book Festival and Heather McDaid for the image)


So I appeared last night at the Edinburgh International Book Festival alongside Meena Kandasamy, with the event chaired by Lee Randall. I was challenged by the high standard of engagement from Meena, Lee and the audience alike. Here’s a thoughtful piece covering the night from Heather McDaid.


Now the pressure’s off and I can just enjoy going to events myself. Ahh.


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Interview with Rebecca Smith + Edinburgh Book Festival


Make yourself a cup of tea and have a wee listen to this interview with Rebecca Smith – she asked some very thoughtful and probing questions and got me thinking hard about Flesh of the Peach in terms of sentences, plotting, grief and identity.


And a wee reminder that I will be appearing alongside Meena Kandasamy at the Edinburgh Book Festival at an event chaired by Lee Randall TOMORROW EVENING (oh my goodness, already?). Tickets are available here.


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Event: Edinburgh Writers Showcase


(a Polaroid from the NC500 trip – sands near Drumbeg)


(the cove at Smoo Cave, Durness)


A wee quick post to bring you the news that one week from today, on Thursday the 29th from 6.30pm, there’s an event at the lovely Golden Hare Books in Stockbridge, featuring Ever Dundas (Goblin), Martin MacInnes (Infinite Ground), Kaite Welsh (The Wages of Sin) and me (Flesh of the Peach – if I haven’t gone on enough about that). Tickets are just £4, available here.


A reminder if you are Edinburgh Book Festival bound this year  – I’m appearing with Meena Kandasamy on the 15th of August from 7pm and tickets to that event are on sale now.


It’s pretty thrilling – all these events. And it’s midsummer, muggy nights & dim thunder roaring over the city last night. The memory of the highlands fading to blues already like the photographs above.


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Papertrail Podcast Interview + Interview for the Caledonian Novel Award Blog


D and I have been away for the past few days, spending my birthday on the NC500, the route around Scotland’s three coasts (from above Inverness). Now we’re back, and I can share some things which appeared while I was mostly beyond the reach of navigable internet.


Firstly, here’s a written interview for the Caledonian Novel Award:


Welcome, Helen, and huge congratulations on the very recent publication of your first novel! Flesh of the Peach is an intense, candid story of a woman confronting grief, loss, and an, at times, harrowing childhood, and is set in New York, Cornwall and the American Southwest. Which parts of the novel did you find the easiest and the most difficult to write?

I think the easiest parts were the sections on how Sarah (my protagonist) would spend her money – they are flash-fiction fantasies inserted into the main body of the text, and not haunted overmuch by the more emotionally wrenching elements of the rest of the novel. The hardest parts were any of the ones I had to edit extensively, as I find editing the most arduous part of writing. So that’s every other section, really. It takes a long time to get it right, from feelings to getting characters to pick up a coffee cup.


Read more in the link above.


Next, make yourself a cup of tea for the Papertrail podcast interview, in which the host and I discuss three books I picked for examination + the line between whimsy and horror + how other works inspire my writing.



Finally – by the time this post goes live, tickets for the 2017 Edinburgh International Book Festival will have gone on sale and you can come along to see Meena Kandasamy and me in conversation with chair Lee Randall talking about our fiction on the 15th of August. Buy tickets for our event here!



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