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Podcast – at the EIBF 2017


In August I appeared at the Edinburgh International Book Festival alongside Meena Kandasamy – we spoke about Flesh of the Peach, When I Hit You, violence, womanhood, identity, feminism in the west and in India – and had some brilliant questions from the chair, Lee Randall, and the audience.  If you didn’t get the chance to attend, or just fancy listening again, you can now hear it here (on itunes) or here (on the main EIBF site)


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Event: Edinburgh Writers Showcase


(a Polaroid from the NC500 trip – sands near Drumbeg)


(the cove at Smoo Cave, Durness)


A wee quick post to bring you the news that one week from today, on Thursday the 29th from 6.30pm, there’s an event at the lovely Golden Hare Books in Stockbridge, featuring Ever Dundas (Goblin), Martin MacInnes (Infinite Ground), Kaite Welsh (The Wages of Sin) and me (Flesh of the Peach – if I haven’t gone on enough about that). Tickets are just £4, available here.


A reminder if you are Edinburgh Book Festival bound this year  – I’m appearing with Meena Kandasamy on the 15th of August from 7pm and tickets to that event are on sale now.


It’s pretty thrilling – all these events. And it’s midsummer, muggy nights & dim thunder roaring over the city last night. The memory of the highlands fading to blues already like the photographs above.


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The Unsung Letter No. 15

The newest Unsung Letter is heading out to subscribers, and it’s on a wonderful-sounding children’s book (there have been so many discoveries for me too with this project):


When I was a little girl, my room contained an adult-sized birch desk whose expansive surface was protected by a quarter-inch thick sheet of glass, with green-tinted bevelled edges. Long before I could read, and also long after learning how, I spent stretches of time staring into that bevel, convinced I saw another world inside, and that patience would reward me with a glimpse of its inhabitants.  
My other strong belief was that anyone could see The Past unfolding if they whizzed round fast enough. Long before I could spell “physics” or “philosophy”, I’d intuited the theory of block universe. I still sneak glances over my shoulder. You never know. 


Subscribe here if you haven’t already, for a weekly letter by a different author/critic/booklover recommending a different underpraised book each time.


Look out for a post later today – my debut novel was launched into the world yesterday, and, at the urging of the internet, I wore some interesting garments along to it. More later though, when the pictures are uploaded.

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