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Publication News!

404 Ink, started by Heather McDaid and Laura Jones, are the publishing house behind the excellent essay collection Nasty Women and surreal, hilarious short story collection Hings by Chris McQueer –  so I am utterly thrilled to say that they are also going to be publishing two books by me!


  • My debut story collection, On the Edges of Vision, came out in 2015 and won the Saltire First Book of the Year. The press who originally published it have since shuttered, but 404 have taken it up and are going to shepherd it back into the world.



The collections are coming out in March 2018, so you’ve not too long to wait!


Here’s the full announcement from 404 Ink.


As an aside, I went for a photoshoot with 404 Ink and photographer Sinéad Grainger – the pictures she took are great and you can see a couple via the link. Here’s my favourite, and new author photo:


credit: Sinéad Grainger



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The Unsung Letter No 20

This week’s Unsung Letter is from 404 Ink’s Laura Jones, and is as much a rec for an unusual novella (brought out by Dead Ink) as it is a letter of love to indie publishing:


In recommending new books and authors to friends, I find myself telling the story of how I discovered said book whether that context was requested or not. Often I find I need to know how a book journeyed into existence and into the hands of the reader. How many hands has it passed through? How many mouths passed on the word? Was it a clever marketing campaign? Or has the book stood on its own?


The Unsung Letter is a weekly letter featuring one new(ish) under-hyped book, sung to the rafters by a different writer/poet/critic/book-pusher every time. Sign up here (and read the ever-growing archive for further delights)

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