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Publication News!

404 Ink, started by Heather McDaid and Laura Jones, are the publishing house behind the excellent essay collection Nasty Women and surreal, hilarious short story collection Hings by Chris McQueer –  so I am utterly thrilled to say that they are also going to be publishing two books by me!


  • My debut story collection, On the Edges of Vision, came out in 2015 and won the Saltire First Book of the Year. The press who originally published it have since shuttered, but 404 have taken it up and are going to shepherd it back into the world.



The collections are coming out in March 2018, so you’ve not too long to wait!


Here’s the full announcement from 404 Ink.


As an aside, I went for a photoshoot with 404 Ink and photographer Sinéad Grainger – the pictures she took are great and you can see a couple via the link. Here’s my favourite, and new author photo:


credit: Sinéad Grainger



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The Unsung Letter No. 23

And this week, Heather McDaid of 404 Ink brings us a graphic novel on a refugee’s journey a topic that couldn’t be more relevant in our tumultuous world:


Barroux’s style is bold, dark and striking; colour is used sparingly and pierces through in moments of hope or happiness, but then the darkness of his work becomes all-consuming as it fades slowly away. Sarah’s translation of Bessora is equally sparing – it remains focused on Alpha, his journey, and the stories of those around him as he travels further and further afield.


As usual, read the whole thing in your inbox – if you haven’t signed up, here’s the place to do it. The Unsung Letter is a weekly missive from a different book lover each time singing the praises of an undersung book by a living author.


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