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Endless Reads Review at PANK: Maidenhead by Tamara Faith Berger

My review is up – and it’s not safe for work. Nor for any of my relatives! But I’d love input on this one from others who have read this book –  the whole review is basically a cry for aid:


I struggled for a long time with this review. Maidenhead has been well-received in reviews across the internet, but my personal response was murky, confused. My copy is dog-eared and when I touch it seems to trigger flashbacks of puzzlement and revulsion and interest and anger. It’s that sort of book, not one that will sit calmly on the shelf, glowing with read-ness.


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Thresholds – Rear-View Mirror, by Kenneth Porteous



rear-view mirror


Back seat of the car. Passenger side.

Rain hits the window and the droplets

make their meandering diagonal descent.

She drives. Carefully. Cautiously.

Scared of the rain. Scared of all things



I watch her. Smooth skin, worried look.

She concentrates so hard on the road

around her. In the rear-view mirror I see

her eyes, brown and whole.

She is obsessed with her mirrors, constantly

checks them.


The water lets up. The windows clear.

The tension stays in her shoulders. I want

to tell her it’s OK now. She’s safe. We both

are. But still her eyes flicker towards that

rear-view mirror. Still she can’t rip them away

from what’s behind.


We stop. Water sprays up as the car draws to a

halt beside the pavement. The driver behind

pulls up a few lengths back. A dark figure steps out

from behind the wheel and pulling his hood up,

stalks in our direction. She starts to shake as

she watches him get closer.


Her knuckles whiten. Gripping tight on the wheel.

I sit forward and watch her eyes. Gauge the panic.

She’s so certain that I can’t help but brace myself.

The figure walks straight past, rushing to get out

of the rain. She relaxes for a moment, but quickly

returns to her rear-view mirror.

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