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Flesh of the Peach Publication Day!



Today’s the day my debut novel is officially out in the world! So many feelings swirling around me.


If you’d like to help the book (and me out), here are some things you can do:


Read it – obviously I’m going to say this, but I want to say why – to me, a book is only real if it exists in the mind of others. It is a conversation between my mind and yours. And each mind does something different to the text. I’m sure a dozen theorists have said this more eloquently than me (or argued otherwise) but I believe it – readers create the book. Something transpires, and is made when readers engage with a text. It’s why I’m a reader just as much as a writer. For this sort of magic.


Review it – given the unique way everyone engages with a book, it can help others to know whether or not they should buy it. If a book is not reviewed, silence surrounds it. Mystery. Sometimes, that’s good – perhaps years from now, a reader will discover a solitary copy of my novel in a library (if we are fortunate to have libraries in the future, and I hope s0 with all my heart) and come to it utterly fresh, and find something good in it. But that’s one, currently fictional person. I’d like it if others could find the book more easily. If you can, leaving reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, Bookshop websites, booktube or your personal blog would make a huge difference in allowing the book to be discoverable by others – this goes too for reviews that are critical. Thoughtfulness is important, and real engagement.


Buy it – this is the way I can keep writing – not that my income is supported greatly by writing (as you probably know, most writers make less than minimum wage from their writing, most a lot less) but because it shows future publishers that my next book is worth taking a chance on too. And I get to keep going in this quixotic endeavour.  Obviously, buy the book however you can. If it’s cheaper to do it one way than another, if it means you will have a chance to read it, then do it! But supporting indie presses and bookshops is hugely important to the health of literature, so if you can afford to, support your local bookshop. Booksellers the ones who will help you find something unique next time  you’re stuck for something to read. They’re the ones that know what’s good and what’s hyped. Some of them are on social media too, sharing and singing out about all sorts of books by authors you might never have heard of. If your local bookshop doesn’t have a copy of Flesh of the Peach, you can order it in, supporting both the bookshop and the book by letting others know of it. Or ask your library to get it in. Or buy it directly from the publisher.


Help me launch it25th of April in Edinburgh, Blackwell’s South Bridge. I hope to be at other events (TBA shortly). Come out and tell me you want to read it, have read it and loved it (or didn’t – but please, be kind in person!). Party with me. Books don’t have weddings, real birthdays or give birth. They are out in the world and sometimes vanish after a few months or years. Come out with me and fight the hush.


All of these of course hold true for other books that have just come out. If you don’t fancy reading mine, pick another, and help it out into the world. If you are a reader and you love books, my hope is this – that you will be your own Unsung Letter. So I can keep reading new and wondrous things too.



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Interview on The Skinny

I was interviewed by Gary Kaill for The Skinny, and he had some really kind things to say about Flesh of the Peach:


Flesh of the Peach is both a gripping re-imagining of the traditional American road trip and a character examination whose deep focus is testament to the author’s forensic detailing and abiding humanity. In a novel that weighs the twin uncertanties of who we are and how we got here, it’s a pointed summarising of the ongoing struggle to outrun the past and establish yourself in the here-and-now.


read the full interview here

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An interview at Burning House Press

I was very kindly sent some thoughtful questions on my writing (both flash fiction and my forthcoming novel).  In it, I push The Unsung Letter, talk about my nervousness of Plath (it’s true, one day I will face it) and what I’d take if my house was burning down.

Read the full thing here.



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Flesh of the Peach: Netgalley and Finished Cover


(the finished cover!)

(it’s all scuffy-looking in real life, which I love)


My debut novel Flesh of the Peach is now available to access on Netgalley, an online service that allows publishers to grant early access to their titles to the people who might read it and promote it to others. That means if you’r a reviewer, bookseller, librarian or journalist, you can request a title before it makes it to the shops. Here’s the link to Flesh of the Peach. Review copies have started going out, so I have thrown myself into my work in order not to think about that much at all (I still do). If you’re a bookseller and think you might like to have me read, please get in touch (hlmcclory at gmail). I’m fond of it, and I can go wherever there’s a cheap flight or bus and a friendly face at the other end waiting for me.


It’s March and still cold and grim here, so I don’t have many pictures to show you. I hope I will go outside for longer stretches, and then have something green to share. I dream of flowers. One way to fulfil the need for blooms is to follow writer Alyssa Harad’s #FlowerReport every Sunday on her Twitter feed. Flowers from all over the world, showing it’s always Spring and Summer somewhere, even if that somewhere is a vase on an indoor shelf.


As soon as I see something more than a sorrowful bent-over daffodil I’ll share it with her.


As a reminder, the book launches in Blackwell’s Edinburgh on the 25th of April. Tickets are free and available here.

Flesh of the Peach‘s pub day is the 20th of April, and you can pre-order now from Freight, which is a good way to support the press directly.

An excerpt from Flesh of the Peach appeared in 3AM Press (back before the character’s name changed) and Sundog Lit.


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Date for the Diary: The Flesh of the Peach Book Launch

The book launch date is now set!


25th of April, 6:30pm at Blackwell’s Edinburgh!


Book your free ticket here

if you’re on Facebook, you can let me know you’re coming along for the wine and nibbles and bookishness here.



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Flesh of the Peach is a real live thing

Flesh of the Peach


Just a moment ago, my copies of Flesh of the Peach arrived, bringing with them a sleety snowfall against the windows.

I’m overwhelmed by how pretty this thing is. the cover is scuffed, doodle-y, but that’s all part of the book itself. Ah! You could, if you were so inclined, pre-order the book directly from Freight right now. The launch will take place on the 25th of April, at Blackwell’s Bookshop on South Bridge in Edinburgh (I will be making up a Facebook invitation nearer the time) at which there will be wine and possibly snacks (and definitely both at the afterparty).

I’m in the process of arranging readings for the book elsewhere, and have some big ones to announce (again, a little nearer their dates). Copies of the novel are going out for review. You can add the book to your Goodreads TBR.

If you’d like to hear me read anywhere, and have suggestions, please get in touch. I’m about on Twitter, trying not to let my heart fly out of my chest.

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Review of On the Edges of Vision in Gutter

It’s been a long time – I’ve been travelling, and writing (writing and writing very slowly, and thinking about writing while the world spins on its terrible path) but today, some news. There’s a review of On the Edges of Vision up on Gutter, written by Laura Waddell:


Free from the debut trope of self-reference and loosely-disguised autobiography, McClory engages in a kind of inquisitive modern mythmaking. Within settings as diverse as forests, airports and ideal homes, a pleasing jumble of styles and references emerge: fantasy, horror, classicism, fairytales, and other dark flavours. Such macabre turns bring to mind the terror of Ann Radcliffe or poetic justice of Roald Dahl.


Read more here!


There has been little to report of my writing life, mostly because I’ve been working away on the witchy novel, which will hopefully be done by late next year. It evolves away from me, first a moth then a snake, then sometimes just pages that I have to let slip from my hands and fall around me and gather again. I’m happy with the work though. Time taken is time (and hopefully text) made richer.  The biggest thing ahead is the emergence of my debut novel, Flesh of the Peach. That’s April, next year, out from Freight. Less than six months away. I hope to share the cover here as soon as I am allowed. A cover makes it real, doesn’t it?

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