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Little boats


Writers and artists are in the business of making little boats.


By that I mean, of building things they then send out into the world. Mostly, of course, art of all kinds, but sometimes rafts connected to same. Efforts to send their work out into the world, or to directly aid them in making further art.


That is what I have been up to, all the week long. A few days ago I posted a link to the Creative Futures Banff Mountain Residency. Just go and look at the website and the Leighton Artists’ Colony Studios and see how gorgeous the landscape of Banff looks. Icy, wintry air and slabs of mountain and claddings of snow.  It would be a marvelous opportunity for me to work in solitude in an environment relevant to this next novel of mine – which now has a working title, by the by: The Library of Endings.


I don’t know what my chances are, just that working on the application felt good. Necessary work. Physical exertions, requiring attentiveness and an interrogation of my methods that I might not otherwise have engaged in. So whether I get it or not, the little boat sails off from me, out, watertight as much as I could make it.


Next on the cards for me is a September residency over at Necessary Fiction. I’ll post signs when I have things up there.


What have you been working on?


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Within new walls to begin again

sunlit window



This new flat is a wreck of unpacking, but  there are ways of disguising that in picture (this will never be an interior design blog). In corners the light washes everything clean. A South-Western facing flat that drinks in the sunset. A small place that feels airy, or will do, once it is set to rights. What it will become to D and I in time, we don’t yet know. Every flat begins again with new occupants, to a certain degree.


But for now it is a place in which to be productive. Since moving in, I have finished up my application for the University of Otago Scottish Writers fellowship and sent it off. It’s rare to find a writing opportunity that I might actually qualify for – but being of Scottish origin and having been part of the diaspora, I think I might be a good fit. But of course, I have no idea who else has applied. My chances are slim, but keep your fingers crossed.


The next and now to be all-consuming thing is that my agent and I have started a back-and-forth edit of Flesh of the Peach. Amongst the clutter, I’ve begun to work at what she has suggested. Just the first five chapters for now. But what a great feeling it is. To make better, to sand the rough edges. Hands just as steady as they can be, though everything else might be in chaos.


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