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The Unsung Letter No. 44

This week’s Unsung Letter is from Helena Roots, on an intense book satirising relationships with food, American culture, and other bodies:


I have a tendency, particularly as the days shorten and the cold tightens its grip, to reach for books that warp my own ideas of normality. If I go off-radar in the Autumn and Winter months, and I often do, chances are I’m wrapped up in a blanket, being chewed up and spat out by books just like this.


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Side note: Vol 1. Brooklyn wrote a piece on the rising popularity of Jeff Goldblum and covered my small book  which you can pre-order for early December if you haven’t already for the modest sum of £5 (via the link to 404 included in the article).


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The Unsung Letter No. 37

This week, a book about gender upheaval, sung out by Anya Johanna DeNiro –


…a novella that shakes the rust off the machinery of post-apocalyptic contagion tropes, and brings to life something startlingly new about gender, about friendship, and most importantly the stories trans women tell each other to stay alive.


Read more here.

Now, when I was putting links into the draft to send out, the author’s website wasn’t loading, so I had to use another link (to Bookdepository) so that at least there was one option. In case you would like to support them directly (and why wouldn’t you?) you can hop over to their website and purchase the book there, handy for digital downloads (and having a pay-what-you-want arrangement. Bonus). Check it out here.

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The Unsung Letter No. 33

…is on a book which circumnavigates exhausted territories of holocaust stories to walk on other, neglected paths.


It was early 2016, and more than a million refugees were on the run from Syria and Afghanistan. I was visiting Australia to write about my father, who had been labelled an “enemy alien” and deported from Britain (along with other refugees from Nazi Germany) to an internment camp in Australia. I wanted to link the stories of Second World War refugees with present day refugees.

Zable, I discovered, had worked with the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, Sanctuary, and the Melbourne Refugees Studies Program. He was also the author of several acclaimed books about earlier generations of refugees in Australia. His own parents had fled Europe and found refuge in the Southern Hemisphere in the years after the war. Before a mutual friend suggested I contact him, I had never heard of him or his writing.

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The Unsung Letter No. 7

Here’s a taste of this week’s letter, written by David J. Loehr:


I grew up in a house filled with books, raised by two English majors, one of whom taught at the college level for years. And while other children might have had fairy tales for bedtime stories, I always requested stories from my mother’s years as a professor—they weren’t all academic stories, but they were all funny.


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