Story in the BOBF 19

One of my stories, ‘A Manual for Avoiding Further Harm from [REDACTED]‘ has been chosen for the anthology The Best of British Fantasy 2019, forthcoming this year and which you can preorder here (check out the list of contributors! I feel lucky to be in their company).

‘A Manual..’ is a story that advises people to stay inside, which feels…odd at this particular time. A lot of stories from the newest book I’ve just completed have a kind of apocalyptic element to them. Last year my story ‘The Farm at the World’s End‘ was selected for the BOBF2018, and was similarly on a plague that had spun through the world.

Now, I’ve begun work on a new project – at an early stage yet, but also, at the moment, involving plague airs. Next year however my novel Bitterhall will come out with Polygon, and it has if not a completely optimistic outlook on the world, at least contains the search for unity, a communion with others.

All I can hope now as I sign off, is that you are all well, that your families are well, and that this strange year progresses with the least amount of harm it can.

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