Review of The Goldblum Variations in The Quietus

A micro-tome of micro-fictions, this eighty-three-page wonder is marketed as a delectable sliver of retro-cool pop-culture and a super-cool gift. However, The Goldblum Variations delivers far, far more than mere surface level entertainment to flick through during a lazy Boxing Day morning. It is an exceptionally wrought collection of flash fictions, poems, snippets of essays (and even contains a game of bingo)… Seriously, take a gamble on this book. It is a befitting celebration of a remarkable actor via a thought-provoking odyssey of make-believe from one of the most remarkable emerging literary talents the UK has to offer.


Full review here.

The Goldblum Variations is available for pre-order from 404 Ink in the UK and Penguin Random House in the rest of the world. It’s out on the 22nd of October (Jeff Goldblum’s birthday!) and will hopefully be available in a bookshop near you (if not, do ask them to stock it)

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