The Unsung Letter No.49

The last Unsung Letter before Christmas is on a book that has become, for our writer (Juliet Swann), a personal classic:


On one last tour of the shelves, a slim, advanced reading copy with a plain cover, broken spine and well-thumbed pages gravitated towards my fingers. I began to re-read and knew, instantly, that this was my unsung letter. I tumbled back into the pages for a glorious two-day binge; I stroked the pages; photographed key passages, because even this error strewn, spine cracked item felt too precious to mark up; and I fell in love again with the characters, the landscape, the words, the beauty.


Aren’t you curious? Read her piece here.

As always, The Unsung Letter is a weekly missive from a different writer/book lover on a neglected book by a living author. Sign up here or read the whole archive here.

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