Reading in Leeds – 14th of June

From the eventbrite page


I will be reading in Blackwell’s Leeds on Wednesday, with Clare Fisher (All the Good Things), Luiza Sauma (Flesh and Bone and Water) and June Taylor (Losing Juliet) at 6.30pm. You can get free tickets here, and we’ll be talking about the road to publication and our writing and generally answering any questions that come up. A reminder – the Goodreads giveaway of Flesh of the Peach ends on Tuesday at midnight, GMT. It’s open to residents of the UK, Canada, USA and Australia.


I’ll also be in Manchester that day, mooching around bookshops and fortifying myself with cups of tea. I love Manchester but haven’t been in years, so this is very welcome. Before heading through to Leeds, I’m going to be meeting up for a session with The End of All Things podcast, which is one of my absolute favourites. Recommended listening for writers and readers who like a slice of political awareness with their fictions.


And then and then – another event coming up in Edinburgh at the end of the month. But more later. The sun is out, and it is not the end of all things yet, though half this complicated Year of Our Lord 2017 is behind us. Always more rushing towards us like a shadowy wave. Take a breath. Take a sip of tea. Wait in the sunshine. Listen to a podcast episode while your hands do other, easier, work.


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