The Unsung Letter No 20

This week’s Unsung Letter is from 404 Ink’s Laura Jones, and is as much a rec for an unusual novella (brought out by Dead Ink) as it is a letter of love to indie publishing:


In recommending new books and authors to friends, I find myself telling the story of how I discovered said book whether that context was requested or not. Often I find I need to know how a book journeyed into existence and into the hands of the reader. How many hands has it passed through? How many mouths passed on the word? Was it a clever marketing campaign? Or has the book stood on its own?


The Unsung Letter is a weekly letter featuring one new(ish) under-hyped book, sung to the rafters by a different writer/poet/critic/book-pusher every time. Sign up here (and read the ever-growing archive for further delights)


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