The Unsung Letter No. 15

The newest Unsung Letter is heading out to subscribers, and it’s on a wonderful-sounding children’s book (there have been so many discoveries for me too with this project):


When I was a little girl, my room contained an adult-sized birch desk whose expansive surface was protected by a quarter-inch thick sheet of glass, with green-tinted bevelled edges. Long before I could read, and also long after learning how, I spent stretches of time staring into that bevel, convinced I saw another world inside, and that patience would reward me with a glimpse of its inhabitants.  
My other strong belief was that anyone could see The Past unfolding if they whizzed round fast enough. Long before I could spell “physics” or “philosophy”, I’d intuited the theory of block universe. I still sneak glances over my shoulder. You never know. 


Subscribe here if you haven’t already, for a weekly letter by a different author/critic/booklover recommending a different underpraised book each time.


Look out for a post later today – my debut novel was launched into the world yesterday, and, at the urging of the internet, I wore some interesting garments along to it. More later though, when the pictures are uploaded.


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