The Unsung Letter No. 14

Fourteen Unsung Letters out in the world! Fourteen lovely book-pushers! Here’s a taste of this week’s recs:


I love recommending books to people, especially when those people want a book recommendation because they’re busy, “don’t have time” for reading, and need something to nudge them back into picking up a paperback instead of the TV remote when they have half an hour to sit on the sofa. And half an hour is the perfect amount of time for short stories. You can zip through one on the train, or waiting for the bus, or sitting in a towel, post-shower, drying. (It’s totally A Thing.) You can go to bed half an hour early to read and give yourself super vivid dreams with a beginning, middle, and end.


The Unsung Letter is a weekly and entirely free email recommending an under-beloved bit of fiction, with each UL written from the bottom of the heart by a different writer, critique, or other book-pusher each time. Subscribe here, or if you are still not convinced, read the archive.



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3 responses to “The Unsung Letter No. 14

  1. Love this week’s recs. I haven’t even heard of Fen, but so glad this week’s newsletter writer pointed it out. These are fantastic choices.

    • I have Fen on my bookshelves had haven’t got round to it yet – I will do sooner than I would have otherwise.

      • I’m just seeing that it’s not yet available in the US, but soon–next month. I haven’t read the others either, but Rivka Galchen was one of my fantastic grad school thesis readers, so the newsletter is shaming me into picking up the pace with this one. I’m slow with story collections; I like to savor and not read the stories all at once.

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