Big Songs, Wild Words

If you are near Edinburgh tomorrow evening this announcement is for you:


Come one come all


– for a very special fusion of Canadian pop and Scottish writing! Come hear singer-songwriters Iskwé and Melissa Bandura, along with writers Ailsa Crum, Laura Tansley and Helen McClory.

Iskwé (pronounced iss-kway, meaning “Woman” in her native language) draws upon her Cree/Dene (Aboriginal) and Irish roots to produce a sound filled with booming bass lines and heavy beats, defining her distinctive offering of Alternative RnB/TripHop.

She has recently been listed by the CBC “Top 10 Canadian Musicians You Need to Know” and twice by The Grid TO as “One to Watch”.

Melissa Bandura is a member of Canadian band Familiar Wild: Familiar Wild writes intuitively from a melodic space, what results is a brand of “Pop music with heart and soul…& brain…& kindness”- DJ Champion.

Readings from Ailsa Crum, Helen McClory (author of On the Edges of Vision – Saltire First Book of the Year 2015), and Laura Tansley add wildness, salt and weirdness to flavour the night.

Merchandise and books for sale. Ditto Alcohol (and soft drinks) in abundance.

£5 on the door.



Melissa Bandura


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