Mini writing marathon, or a Flash Fiction Jog

Today at 2pm GMT I’m going to start writing flash fictions, and over the course of the next ten hours, hope to write ten pieces.

Why on earth am I doing this? Mostly because the last few weeks or so have been quite slow and unproductive in terms of writing – this is often the case, slow progress is still progress, though it isn’t very encouraging. I need a jolt. I need to set off and keep going. I need the deadline.

I have playlists lined up, and will be on Twitter the whole time (naturally, procrastination has its place too). You can follow me there if you don’t already: @HelenMcClory. I’d welcome suggestions: an object, a location or time period, a character name. Something vague to get me started if I meet any inspiration black holes. You can join in too with your own writing spree, if you like – low pressure, coming and going as you like.

2PM till 12AM.


I might do a post tonight if things go well, perhaps sharing a few titles. Not any of the writing – that will probably be pretty pants. Above all, this is an exercise in forward motion, not finesse, and the pieces will need heavy editing after. Any fictions up to snuff will go in my current flash-fiction-collection in progress (a part of which, as I mentioned elsewhere, was recently a semi-finalist in two chapbook contests, which gives me hope. More editing there, later).

I’m off to prep and scout the snack situation. Please say hello on Twitter or comment below.

Let’s see how this goes. I may regret it, but there’s always coffee, for when that really hits.





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11 responses to “Mini writing marathon, or a Flash Fiction Jog

  1. Shirley Muir

    Brilliant idea, just what I need! Hope it’s going well. There’s nothing like a bit of pressure to stimulate the pen in your hand or the digits dancing over the keys.

  2. How’d it go? Hope it was a success. Strapping in and just going for it is the key!

  3. What a fantastic challenge! I look forward to your collection, Helen. Go, go, go!

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