The beast



A few days ago I finished the first full-length draft of Villain Miriam (which began life as a 12,700 word novella). Here it is all printed out at 67,700 words. It’ll be a fair bit shorter when I’m done (savage edits planned). I’ll retype the ms from scratch too I think, a tip I’ve seen elsewhere and think might give a fresh perspective.




This is how Villain Miriam begins (at the moment). This  is how it continues: lots of tinkering, lots of red pen. Getting as much done as I can before the novel edits come in for Flesh of the Peach.

The sun is shining, and I’m off for tea and biscuits. The year finally, at last, finally, feels like it is starting.



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2 responses to “The beast

  1. I want to read on! That first page was so incredibly intriguing. Congratulations on finishing the draft. I can’t wait to read it when it’s published. 😀

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