On the Edges of Vision Shortlisted…

…for the Saltire First Book of the Year Award!

I know I should try to play it a wee bit cool, but I really don’t think that’s possible. I am beyond thrilled. Here’s the announcement on the Society for Young Publishers website (they will also be holding a ‘shadow judging panel’) and on The Bookseller. The winners for all the different categories will be announced at a ceremony on the 26th of November. Not too long to wait – though I don’t know how much of a chance I have. I’m so so happy to have On the Edges of Vision on the shortlist.

What to do with myself?

Well, tonight is the start of the 48 hour film contest, so I’ll be with friends working on that for the next few days, and crashing out the day after. This is good. I don’t know how I slept last night, to be honest.

Cheers to everyone shortlisted for their first book – and I hope this will inspire some of you to read their work. For the big names on the Fiction book of the year too (I’d been thinking about reading Michel Faber’s latest, and hope the library will have it when I finish my current lot).

For now, tea and something sweet. I’ve been woozy for hours. My goodness!

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  1. How very exciting for you…..congratulations, Helen!

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