Playlists against the chill

It’s Autumn now. Time to be reading, watching the weather as it closes in, or going out into the crisp or misty air and spotting various dogs nosing the fallen leaves. Or perhaps you are studying for something. Either way, I thought it might be a good time to share some seasonally appropriate(ish) playlists – none are mine, and most are on 8tracks, which I find a pretty good platform for these lists, though sometimes the seamless move into the next playlist is hampered by some clashing musical choices between the two. Some of these are long enough to keep you company well into the night. Others are more fleeting. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


Neo Sixties (for that upbeat walk in sunny parks)


5+ Hours of Songs to Curl up and Read With


1200 years of women composers (for when you just really want to listen to a LOT of beautiful medieval chant)(Spotify)


A Shape to Fill a Lack (keening and gritty at the same time)


All Hallow’s Eve (of course you need some more murder ballads in your life)


Running Through Woodland (not necessarily running for enjoyment, more running from your problems, though both are exercise)


Midwinter’s Eerie Light (Brr! That smell of snow on the air, the walk to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, the sense of a quiet magic)



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2 responses to “Playlists against the chill

  1. Love the last one, it’s so magical. Also was really captivated by your intro to this post, it reminded me that the world is still beautiful when things are dying, and there is lovely music out there to be an autumn soundtrack. Thank you for sharing these playlists.

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