“What Can Be Endured May Yet Be Unbearable” on the Bohemyth

Just popping my head over here quickly to let you know that a new flash piece of mine is up on The Bohemyth. I haven’t even had time to explore the other stories over there (I’m in NYC with limited internet access). But here’s a bit of mine:


Here is the main boulevard, tree-lined and still, and in the elegant residential buildings lining the boulevard the thoughtless are asleep, the news having come yesterday to no riots, no sound of objection at all. But in the fourteenth building, up on the fourth floor, third window along, I have not forgotten it. The cup of coffee on my desk is six days stale, so then, what. A great deal of the universe has grown cold. In the kitchen there is a little blood on the tiled floor and my dog is missing, having snuck out by the door left ajar. Someone knocks. Delivery! Pizza and roses! He says, with a tight flourish, producing both from behind his back.

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