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patty cottrell

Frances Bell

Summer Brennan

Anthony Luebbert

Edan Lepucki

Robbie Herd
Ciaran Conliffe

Alice Ely

Michael Lindgren

Eva Stalker

Matthew Kabik


Margaret Baxter

Celia Forbes


Ariell Cacciola

Casey Hannan

Liz McLemore

Olivia Rohan

Chris McPherson

Joseph Dante

Steve Himmer



Ailsa Crum

Bob Schofield


Carlotta Eden

Niina Pollari

maris kreizman

Tobias Carroll

Susan Rukeyser

Kathy Fish

Robert MacVicar

Christine Cody & Melony Gilles
Walker Dunbar

Emm Min

Gillian Best

Rachael Nicholas

Andrew Caldwell

Diane Slater

Chris J Rice


You are all amazing and supportive people, and you – you! Are making my book tour happen! I can’t even find the words. I suppose it comes down to the fact that there are only two that matter – thank you. Thanks too are due to the various people who prefer to remain anonymous in their donations. If you’d like me to link your name to a blog or website, let me know and I’ll be happy to! If you’d rather your name not appear here, no problem, I will remove it. Some of you I will be able to thank in person. Others I will be writing you a small note. Thank you thank you, and again – a thousand thank yous.


For those of you who don’t know, this blog will go mostly quiet for the next two weeks as I transfer over to a password-protected secret tour blog, given to donors just a while ago. I’ll be back eventually with some photos, but that’s where the action will be for now. I’d love to hear messages of support from readers, so please get in touch here or via Twitter.


Now off to pack!


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