Interview on SparkLife

I’m sitting in my flat having breakfast, and trying not to overthink what will be happening in the afternoon – my reading at Story Shop, at the Edinburgh Book Festival. For now, drinking tea, and a minty lemonade thing for my throat.


Yesterday, an interview with me went up on teen book community SparkLife – you can read it here!


In other, massive news, my Kickstarter project was funded 110% and I will be doing a big thank you post here in the next few days.  You can see the new landing page for the Kickstarter here – and follow along if you’d like updates on the project (small ones – the main tour updates will happen on a separate blog I’ll set up shortly!)


On the Edges of Vision comes out on the 18th. Three days time. If you have a Goodreads account, and if you’d like, you can add it by clicking the little beige button on the top right of this post. It’s still available for pre-order here for only $14.95 and free US shipping, if you want to get it early.


Everything is so business-like – I honestly can’t wait until I get back to posting photos and stories of happenings. That’s soon. Maybe I’ll have some nice pics from the Thursday launch of the collection. Still time to invite yourself here (if you can make it to Glasgow!).


And four days after that, I’m off, US bound, with the generosity of the donors helping me all the way.


For now: sugary drinks. Looking at the passage of the hours. Waiting until I get on that stage to kick off these next amazing few weeks.


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