‘A Formidable Etiquette’ on 3:AM Magazine

A short extract from a flash novella I’m currently working on  (titled Villain Miriam, for the moment)  is up on 3:AM Magazine today:


A woman in grey, a woman, yes. Necklace of teeth on a red chain, the suggestion of a chignon at the back of her neck. How old she was it was impossible to say – her face was like something made by a painter tired of holding the brush. But there was a terrible steadiness behind. Behind Miriam’s glasses, the eyes like cracked opals. And on the table the spoon gleamed too bright for the ambient lighting, and Aophe would not tremble.

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I love the Leonora Carrington piece that accompanies it too.

Tonight I see Anne Carson’s translation of Antigone, starring Juliet Binoche.

Tomorrow I read at the Edinburgh Book Festival.

So much, so much.



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2 responses to “‘A Formidable Etiquette’ on 3:AM Magazine

  1. What an interesting little story…richly detailed…wonderful words.

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