A life of plans and updates



The last week has been a flurry of emails. ticket buying and thanks.  Details are settling into place for the tour readings (I leave in exactly a month!) . Buses, planes. More to go on these. Working out how exactly to lug the giant suitcase full of books from one side of Manhattan to another (or how to circumvent this process).  Working with bookshops and bookish folk. It’s been a dream. A chaotic one that is full of richness and bafflement and good fortune. In just under a month’s time I’ll set up the special tour blog, password protected for those who’ve donated just a wee bit to the Kickstarter (£5 and over to be exact) and this blog will go a wee bit quiet after that point on. But until then, this is the place. The hub of my fizzing brain and dates and fuzzy photos of my book.


If you’d like to get in on things, the kickstarter is 92% funded, and I would love your help. No one, as yet, has decided they’d like to go for the special Mountain Stone Perk. I really want the excuse to climb a mountain this Autumn and put a stone up there. Think about it perhaps? Or I’ll just have to get my boots on for my own enjoyment.


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