summer light

beloved porch


I’m writing from America.

Specifically, from an a-frame cabin in New Hampshire, by the shores of a glittery blue lake. It’s been nearly two weeks of flurrious (flurrying? I like flurrious better) activity. A wedding, trips around DC, a brief stop in New York, and now here, to the quiet speckled surfaces of the woods and the water.


great east lake



Before this, I hadn’t been back to the states since D and I migrated home in 2011. However, this won’t be the last time I visit America even this year – I will be back in August, and for a book tour for On the Edges of Vision. That’s my surprise news, the one I have been holding back while work was being done. Already there are reading venues lined up along the Eastern seaboard, with a few others hoping to be secured. The full calender is for another day. I am so incredibly grateful to everyone who has helped. Later this month, I will be launching a Kickstarter campaign to help defray costs (there are some fantastic perks for donors) but! Later, later. Two speedboats are crossing on their white wakes. Someone in a house next door is calling to their friend in a muffled happy voice.


We head home tomorrow. And right into the thick again, but for now, and all of today – this:


still waters



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4 responses to “summer light

  1. I like how the second picture almost symbolises the birth canal 🙂 and I wish you luck with your kickstarter.

  2. Congratulations…and what a beautiful place to catch your breath.

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