Bright weather


It was sunny at the weekend, and D and I went to the botanical gardens. Here I am meeting a leaf. I thought it was Giant Hogweed, so I didn’t actually touch it.


The gardens were full of life and people wandering slowly between the trees and around the pond and walls. An idea of a utopia of the future, the kind where people might reach up and pull fruit off the trees for their meals (though it’s too early for fruit yet).

ghibli house

there was a house over the garden wall that looked like something out of a Studio Ghibli film, stately under ivy, possibly haunted by various spirits.


there were trees high and low, like this willow (lowest, clinging to the ground as it would if it were in its natural spot up on a mountain


some like this pine rose up with branches spread, perfect for lounging, if there wasn’t more to see.

Aside from wandering among the plants and sunlit spaces, I have a little bit of news – this morning I woke to the news that I was a semi-finalist for Tarpaulin Sky’s book prize, which I am pleased to hear! I also have something coming out with Irish lit/art mag ESC [zine], though it’s in print, so you will have to order it to read (or wait until my collection comes out, as it’s a story from there).

I have bigger news too, but it is still brewing. Plans for the collection, for later this summer. I hope to be able to share more on this soon. I’m excited, but trying, as ever, to be patient. Plans aren’t set. But! But – just a little while longer, and I promise not to be so obscure.


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