Best books of 2014 on Necessary Fiction

I didn’t read many books published this year  (I didn’t read that many books, given I’d vowed to read as slowly as I wanted to) but here are the ones I loved, along with recommendations from much more prolific readers, the editors of Necessary Fiction –read here.


Otherwise I’ve been productive and unproductive, juggling two essays (none finished) the flash fiction/linked story ms (not finished) a short poetry chapbook (almost! finished!), reading submissions for Necessary Fiction (proceeding well, thank you to all who send their pieces my way) flat hunting (very few prospects), Christmas shopping (nope, not finished either) and teaching (this one is done with until early January)


Phew. I’m off to venture into the sludgy weather to shop a little more and go to the gym, if I have the energy, if I can push myself into that much more forward motion.



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3 responses to “Best books of 2014 on Necessary Fiction

  1. This is a great list. I didn’t know you were an editor a NF. I’ve reviewed once for them in the past. I was immediately struck by two books on the list and when I scrolled up to see whose recs they were–of course–Helen McClory. I was somehow not aware of Michelle’s book and Through the Woods looks like it’s just right (I’ve been in search of new spooky in the woods and isolated stories). Good luck with your to-do list. I find December the hardest month to be productive (i.e. stare shamefully at lonely jogging shoes everyday).

    • I just started a month or so ago. It’s been fantastic. I adore reading slush and choosing stories – something I’d love to do for a living, perhaps some day. If you’re wanting to research more of Carroll’s stuff, she has some short comics posted to her website. I think.

      And thank you.
      (I am still wavering with unproductivity, hence the slow reply here)

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