A Second Pushcart nomination – fanning self

Yes, I woke to the pretty incredible news that another of my stories from On The Edges Of Vision has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize!

It’s “To String” from the Cobalt Review’s Fall issue.


To take a special holiday to visit the place where they were last seen.
To take a bus and then a train, the green countryside blipping past, the
technology of an earlier era but no less miraculous.
To arrive at the station, the only person standing on the platform under a
yellowing sky.
To see likewise the yellow fields of rapeseed swaying in a breeze your arms
do not register.
To feel in your nerves the storm hunching below the horizon.


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Here are the other stories nominated by Cobalt:


Parable of Pillow Talk with a Chupacabra” by Joe Jimenez (web special)
The House that Ruth Built” by Liz Dolan (Baseball issue)
Dodger Blues” by Nikki Thompson (Baseball issue)
Class Trip” by D Watkins (Spring 2014)
Box Score #41” by Colin Rafferty (Baseball issue)


(more to read over your coffee and tea today)



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7 responses to “A Second Pushcart nomination – fanning self

  1. Tulasi-Priya

    So happy for you. You must be ecstatic.

  2. Good idea! And glad I could share the usefulness of ‘chuffed’.

  3. Congratulations on both nominations, Helen! ‘To String’ has wound around my mind with just a bit of tension. So good!

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