PINK GLITTER up on Vol. 1 Brooklyn

Very chuffed to say that a flash from On The Edges Of Vision is up on Vol. 1 Brookyln’s  Sunday Stories. Pour yourself a coffee and look out the window at the lashing rain, and dip in:


Grace unscrews the white lid and pulls out the dripping tiplet and applies the polish to one nail after another, then holds the drying almond surfaces up to the light. Fleck and aura of colour, against the ceiling, the slow chop of the ceiling fan. Tonight’s the night, though it’s not tonight yet. There’s music on shuffle: a mix called MISANDRY+PINK GLITTER. She doesn’t know what misandry means, but it sounds tough and cool, and Grace very much wants to be tough and cool.


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4 responses to “PINK GLITTER up on Vol. 1 Brooklyn

  1. Hey, congratulations. I got it in my read queue. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. So in addition to the comment I left with your beautiful story…

    I like your usage of the following words…
    ~ tiplet — I like this a lot. I never heard it before and it is just perfect.
    ~ fleck
    ~ misandry, of course — quite a refreshing contrast to so much disheartening misogynistic behavior we (though I’m a dude and I don’t bear the physical pain, I believe it’s everyone’s brutal burden to bear) continue to suffer through (and it’s quite revealing that my spellchecker doesn’t recognize it as a “proper” word…)
    ~ sick-sad
    ~ missals
    ~ Marites
    ~ lurid

    Just beautiful work, shietree.
    Thank you for creating it for us…

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