News Flash

I apologise immediately for the punny title. I do have some flash news though –


My flash fiction, ‘Lope’ was shortlisted for the 2014 Bridport Prize – and you can see the list of winners here.


Very excited that a longer flash about two rather special teenage girls in Manila, entitled ‘PINK GLITTER’ will appear in Vol 1. Brooklyn at some point in the near future.


Lastly, and I think best of all, Queen’s Ferry Press are offering a really good value subscription deal. $100 dollars gets you ALL of their 2015 titles upon pre-release, plus one of your choice of the 2014 titles – and there’s free shipping for those of you based in the states.

This means

  • you’ll get my collection On The Edges Of Vision (home to the above two flash)
  • alongside NINE other books
  • AND you’ll be supporting a cool small press
  • AND can feel rather good about yourself while getting a constant stream of enjoyable books to read.

Treat yourself! or give it as a gift for the curious reader in your life.

>>>>>click here <<<<<<



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