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The new issue of Wyvern Lit, entitled ‘Haunted’ is out, and my piece ‘The Mistress of the House on the Machair‘  from On The Edges Of Vision can be read there.


So he goes and makes a gin and syrup for the ghost, and a tea for himself. He puts the gin drink in the fridge with a daisy in it. Daisy for her, though he forgets – is a daisy toxic or not? He imagines her struggling to raise the glass to her lips, the constant threat of spill. It’s a long time between now and dusk.


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In other news, my witchy novella ms Villain Miriam received an honourable mentioned in the last Civil Coping Mechanism Mainline contest of the year. It’s such a fun contest, with publisher Michael J Seidlinger reading all entries in a single five day period (!) and deciding CCM press will publish. He has described the contest as a ‘mosh pit’ for books. I’m looking forward to reading the books that won, and I feel it’s a bit of a boost for the novella that even though it’s so short, and a strange hybrid of flash and narrative, it could make an impression in the midst of all that lively jostling. The ms is still out with a few publishers who might (hopefully) be interested in pushing it out into the world.


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