Links of Import

Some things swirling around my brain right now:


1. The gothic on the internet.

– Creepypasta (what is it? How about some examples?)

A book review tinted by grief (it’s gothic really because the site is)

– I never grow bored of funereal food rituals

That gum you like is going to come back in style


2. Gothic in real life

– The Feminist Book Club meets on the 18th of next month in Glasgow to discuss all manner of gothic tomes (and films I think)

– I mean, park district in general providing the perfect gothic background to life


3. This assured, clear-eyed, excellent essay on issues of abuse and consent (hugely relevant to the online literary community at the moment, and to the wider world always, always)


4. Finishing Lolly Willowes by Sylvia Townsend Warner – on the trap of being an upper-class spinster and expected to be an unpaid reliable type with no needs or private life of ones own and how one woman escapes this by becoming a witch, and, in the most politely English of ways, selling her soul to Satan. Really quite odd in its structure heavily weighted towards the background of becoming trapped by society’s expectations, slowly being ground down, then all at the end in a flurry Satan and awkward dance party black Sabbaths and gentle hikes through calm rural landscapes rather than action.


5. A month of watch ghost films (which I post about on Twitter). I am trying to be spooked, to see where that takes my imagination for the next project.


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