The biggest day

Today, the 18th of September, 2014, the people of Scotland get to decide whether we should become an independent country.

I can hardly breathe! The atmosphere is so exciting. No one can predict which way it will go – with 97% of the public here registered to vote, some of the for the first time ever in their adult lives,  and the polls neck and neck, we won’t know which way we’ve chosen until some time in the morning tomorrow.


I’ve written a piece on my choice, here :

“I’ve never been moved to do anything political beyond voting, and once going on a march for peace. So, it was strange to find myself volunteering for the yes campaign, and standing at rush hour on the corner outside a subway station in Glasgow, handing out leaflets.”


But of course there have been LOADS of words expended on this. Below are a few of my favourites, and while I’m pro-yes, and obviously I’ll chose some articles that reflect that, on the other hand, this has been a dialogue and I hope this list reflects that a bit:


A video following mood of people across the country

Why are so many writers in Scotland pro-independence?

An exploration of identity by one England-born Indian Scot

A dispassionate history of the union, exploring Scotland’s move from country-within-the-union to region

Worried about the economy, currency and banks? The FT has a word for you

What’s broken in the union

“We’ve stopped thinking like consumers and started thinking like citizens”

‘A note to my fellow English people on Scottish Independence’

‘Why are so many ethnic Scots voting yes?’

“And most of us are large enough to contain multitudes…”

Yes or no, the little white rose of Scotland will bloom again’


Still undecided? Get out there in the last few hours, close out the noise and find your strong reason for your vote. This in an epic day for everyone in Scotland – I hope that all of us make the most of it, continuing the peaceful optimism and thoughtfulness which have marked the discourse on the ground. Let’s walk out into the future, knowing we did the best we could for this generation and the ones to come!




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2 responses to “The biggest day

  1. Martha

    Thank you so much for sharing this journey and your heart. Hoping for a resounding yes!

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