A Humid, Leafy Space

Butterfly and Insect World, Edinburgh



a hallway in the bee sanctuary



D and I went on a little field trip to Edinburgh’s Butterfly and Insect World, a place where little quails roam wild, and terrapins squat along the banks of turgid ponds and fast, artificially pumping waterfalls, and outdoors, where bees fly into indoor perspex-paneled combs.







It’s been intermittently warm here, and busy where I work, hence my absence here. I haven’t had many organised thoughts lately – I’ve just been dabbing about with the beginnings of a new flash fiction collection (I’ve been thinking whether or not I want to include some relevant poems too) BUT I do have one piece of news to report: my flash piece ‘No One’s Gonna Take My Soul Away’ is going to be published in August in decomP magazinE. The story is another one from Monstirs, and if any of you are fans of the supernatural, and/or singer Lana Del Rey,  it might be of interest.  Links when it goes live.


I hope Summer is as productive or as unproductive as you’d like, and the days as warm or as cool as you need.





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