‘Ipseity’ up on The HU

Ipseity (noun):  Selfhood, individual identity. From the Latin ipse, meaning self + English -ity. This is another piece from Monstirs, an existential-crisis sort of a take on the Wildean/Hans Christian Anderson style fairytale:


There was an emblem on the floor upon which she stood, a charm that tired her unbearably. In the fireplace, the fire hissed. Down the chimney, a storm was spitting on it. The walls of the room were mirrored and the ceiling was a painting of the man she would marry, standing in the grounds of his home. When the roof came off she had to spin. The lawn beyond her own room was endless. She was supposed to be wealthy, she was supposed to be a princess.That’s what the girl told her. 


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5 responses to “‘Ipseity’ up on The HU

  1. It’s always a pleasure reading your words, Helen.

  2. Hi Helen, I was at the Glad Cafe the other night and I should have told you directly that I loved your three poems, you mentioned something about walking being like writing our story, it was so very beautiful and true. Can I find the poem here somewhere? I was writing a post on my blog and meant to quote you. It was great listening to your well matched words! Riru

    • Hi Riru, first of all – thanks so much! I’m touched, and so glad you liked the pieces. That particular one, ‘Trail’ hasn’t been published anywhere (I haven’t really tried because it’s non-fiction flash and I wouldn’t know which journals to send it!) but here’s the quote:

      I flowed down the line on my little map. Walking is a form of narrative. The original. Each step a word. Each measure of pace from that pole to this turn off, a paragraph. If there is nothing you can understand, take a walk, and the order of things will fall a certain way, as if in place. And you can call them in place, and make that your story of the hour. But we bring a lot to our walks, and must carry these things.

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