‘Flat’ up on theNewerYork

My flash piece is live! I love the dreamy artwork that’s been placed with it.


Tennen is drinking on his dock.

But he isn’t. He’s playing at drinking on his dock by looking at a photograph of a dock on a lake in America, a country he has never visited. But he has had beer. He drinks a pilsner on this dock, pretending it is his. Not everything, just the dock, the beer, perhaps the shadow from a little property behind.




There’s something a little special in the setup on theNewerYork – have a look around the site for more details. And you’ll also see at the foot of the page there a donate button, which you can click, should you feel moved to chip in for a coffee or the like.


Some more news: I had another acceptance, at ESC [zine], and Irish lit mag. It will be paper only, I think – they make such beautiful handbound zines. Elsewhere, Monstirs is coming together. It’s been the only thing really on my mind for the last month and a half or so. It’s at 30,000 words give or take, 40 stories varying in length from 170ish to 1,800 words, with most around 900. I’ve been playing the story order game today, cutting and pasting, thinking about mood and flow. Only recommended for short spans. The world is spinning a little right now.



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5 responses to “‘Flat’ up on theNewerYork

  1. Tulasi-Priya

    Lovely piece, especially after a long hiatus from following your blog. I like this sentence very much:

    》》It howls and this, even though it is sporadic, stitches the hour together so it sits flat.《《

  2. Excellent (especially that final paragraph). I read the Newer York somewhat frequently. To me, it’s hit or miss, but you definitely upped their game. Their offerings have been a bit weak lately.

    • Thank you! I really enjoy their layout as a journal. Too often I’m put off by weird text choices or tiny links to click on, but theNewerYork is a pleasure to look at, at the very least.

      • Definitely. I also do appreciate their approach to literature. Too often I get fed up with the same old, same old. At least, the writing there is differently formatted or has a different sense of humor about. I don’t get reader fatigue. Congrats!

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