‘Present’ up on Necessary fiction

My Monstirs flash piece, ‘Present’ is up on Necessary Fiction (one of my favourite lit places on the web, by the way, lots of riches there to be read). Here’s a taster:


Coya is in the main lodge kitchen leaning against the cool wall. She watches moths tick into the electric fly catcher at the open door. Outside there’s that familiar rectangle of light, cut on the steps down. Beyond that, a square of indirect light makes a pitch of blue grass. She pays attention to anchors. This one is pretty good, steady. Out past the lawn she can see nothing but black and little lights that might be insects, or folk travelling through the woods, if the woods weren’t knotted up tight, and the ground under them wasn’t hidden under a fold of water sliced at by little sharp fish.







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2 responses to “‘Present’ up on Necessary fiction

  1. Unsettling deliciousness!
    I am loving your ‘Monstirs’ flash fiction, Helen.

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