Flash Fiction collections/novellas on my radar

As you might know, I’ve been working on building a collection of flash fictions around the idea of monstrousness, to be called Monstirs. Now, as it stands, I have 34 stories, and I think a few more to come. Some are as short as 250 words. Others break out from the limits of flash, going up to 1,800 words (at that point, they might be classed as very short stories). And I’ve been asking on Twitter for help gauging how long a collection should be. It seems there is, as with poetry collections, no real limit. I’ll keep writing until I have enough to cull, and enough weight.


It helps to look at the history of works, of course. I once went into a bookshop and asked where they kept the flash fiction collections (thinking they’d be near the short stories) only to be asked “what’s flash fiction?” By the bookseller. I also recently read an essay that described flash as anecdotes, frustratingly thin, or at best, poetry under a new marketing spin. Not at all. I’m making a list here – a kind of wish list, for books of flash fiction, and pieces which step into the river that forms the boundary between genres – novels in flash, tiny essays around a theme. I haven’t read them all, but have heard good things. Perhaps you’ll find this helpful too. Grateful thanks to Erin Fitzgerald for helping with this. And to various folk on Twitter for chiming in.



Any more flash fiction collections/novels/anthologies that are essential?






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5 responses to “Flash Fiction collections/novellas on my radar

  1. joplingirl

    Take a look at Edgar Lee Master’s Spoon River Anthology

  2. Thanks for this. I’ll try.

  3. Matt R.

    Just off the top of my head: “Thank You for Your Sperm” by Marcus Speh; “blue has no south” by Alex Epstein; “Together We Can Bury It” by Kathy Fish; “blood a cold blue” by James Claffey; “Damn Sure Right” by Meg Pokrass; “Gears” by Alex Pruteanu.

  4. I love Renata Adler. Although, I think her books definitely tip toe that line (I actually consider them novels). Also, Margaret Atwood has done a bunch of flash fiction… some good. some mediocre. I’ll probably write about one in the coming week that might interest you.

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